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The Performance Payments Business Suite

You want your business to thrive and grow—with stability and security—in the smoothest possible way so life is easier.

Performance Payments can bring you a suite of business-enhancing products that are done right.  We provide a powerful touchscreen point-of-sale system custom-tailored for your industry—from retail to restaurant to salon and more.  These systems are simple to learn and use, like the best of current consumer electronics.  In fact, we have tablet versions that let you go mobile. 

Most importantly, these touchscreen systems streamline your life…they make running your business quicker and simpler…they give you access to powerful management tools…and because they are created, installed and supported directly by us, you are taken care of end-to-end.

How would you use some extra cash to grow your business?  For those who need an infusion of capital to kickstart growth, we've adapted the classic factoring tool (used by industry for decades) for use by every business that takes credit cards.  Based on an analysis of your business, we can offer you substantial cash to improve and grow—without a credit check. There are no fixed payback amounts—the funds are simply and seamlessly paid back from your daily credit card processing over time. 

You can use these funds—up to $150,000—to advertise, expand or renovate, buy inventory and equipment, pay taxes and receivables, and any business use. How much do you need? 

And, we offer one of the basic, critical elements for the success of any business—all forms of electronic payments, including the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards, e-checks and gift and loyalty cards. Of course our rates are highly competitive.  We go beyond rates to focus on the proper structure for your account, price stability guarantees, the lowest fees, the highest level of security for your processing, great customer service and in-person consultation whenever you need it.

Our knowledgable and attentive Independent Agents will listen and learn your business and your requirements and consult with you about the appropriate solutions for you. 

For us, it's not about making a sale to you; it's about providing you with the appropriate tools to run and grow your business in the smoothest, easiest way possible.  When that happens, we are truly partners and our relationship will go on for many years.  We want to keep you as a client.

All of these stable and proven business-building tools come from the Performance Payments group, a major privately held, independent electronic payments provider that has been in business nationally since 1999.  We are members of the BBB with an A rating.  Our business philosophy is to take care of our clients for the long term.

Partner with Performance Payments for growth!